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The Revolution of Trust: A Journey into the Heart of AI’s Impact on Marketing

Main Stage Av. del Conscripto 311, Hipódromo de las Américas, CDMX, NY, Mexico

While Generative AI can create a beer ad, it takes a human to drink the beer. If we want to continue to be on the side of that human, we need to know very well how we collaborate with Generative AI. And we need to not only answer the questions, but also question the answers. As progressive leaders, we understand the power of collaboration with Large Language Models. Gen AI has already become a member of our teams, so we should make sure it is a team member we can trust. In a world where AI can potentially distort truth and amplify the chasm between what Gen AI shows us and the diversity of our consumers, customers, patients and clients, it is imperative to understand how Trust is built. Join us for an immersive session that will redefine your understanding of Trust metrics in the MarCom industry, within the broader context of Gen AI and content creation. We invite you to learn from the prompt engineering experience of 10,000 researchers at Ipsos, of 700 data scientists that have trained Gen AI in the past year, and 3,000 data specialists who are continuously conducting comparative evaluations and validations to ensure content analysis and creation that stays on the side of the human. Together, we'll explore the ethical frameworks companies need in order to upskill their teams, embedding AI at scale in their processes, while ensuring that we consolidate Trust across the value creation chain with strategic thinking, creativity and empathy. Join us to shape the future of responsible AI and redefine the MarCom landscape in the process.

Content, Communication and Co-Creation in the AI Era

Main Stage Av. del Conscripto 311, Hipódromo de las Américas, CDMX, NY, Mexico

MJ Petroni will speak about the possibilities—and perils—of AI for the advertising, marketing and brand world. Learn how generative AI will affect not just our workflows (and jobs) but also the fundamental nature of our relationship to technology, content and co-creation. Then consider "AI on Monday"—practical considerations for executives and creatives in their AI strategy.